Besides the information gathered from the mystery books themselves, I would like to acknowledge the many other sources I have used. I have turned to these resources over and over again in gathering the bits and pieces of information that inform this website.

The major reference sources are Colleen Barnett’s Mystery Women: An Encyclopedia of Leading Women Characters in Mystery Fiction, Vols. 1 (1860-1979), II (1980-1989), and III (1990-1999), Parts 1 and 2; Frances A. Dellacava and Madeline H. Engel’s Sleuths in Skirts: An Analysis and Bibliography of Serialized Female Sleuths; and Willetta L. Heising’s Detecting Women, 3rd edition, and Detecting Men. I have used other kinds of sources, as well, such as Mystery Scene Magazine; the website,, including the website’s semi-monthly newsletters of new publications and corrections and additions to the website’s database; and the wonderful, newsy and detailed readers reviews that accompany so many of the books in the database; the bi-monthly newsletters that are posted at, which is the newsletter of new publications and book reviews for a bricks-and-mortar bookstore in Oakmont, PA, The Mystery Lovers Bookshop.

And last, but not least, my dear, late friend Leslie E. Haras who shared my passion for mysteries over the more than fifty years of our friendship. She supported and contributed to my project not only with her interest and enthusiasm, but with her own related knowledge and discoveries. It was, in fact her nephew, Jared Grant, who designed the “Sisters” logo at her behest for this website. Really miss you, girlfriend.

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